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Art is powerful.
Art is empowering.
Diversity Arts, Inc. aims to support underserved youth and communities by providing safe environments, guidance and materials for creative self-discovery, expression and sociocultural interaction.


The simple act of making art promotes self-expression.  It fosters self-esteem and intellectual growth. Art can also help grow and strengthen communities. Diversity Arts empowers disenfranchised (often at-risk) youths and groups by facilitating creative experiences in judgement-free environments. Whenever possible the work is shared with the greater community in the form of  public exhibits which celebrate the individuals who created it. 
As of its inception in 2016 we have provided free workshops and art education activities for various groups throughout the Tampa Bay area including LGBTQ, homeless and at-risk youth. Diversity Arts is also committed to promoting inclusion and tolerance through collaborative art-making workshops in which participants from every walk of life can learn from and celebrate one another's cultural differences.  

In June 2021 Diversity Arts made history by organizing the first-ever Pride festival in the City of Pinellas Park. The event hosted 100 vendors and community organizations and brought together an estimated 1,500-2,000 people in celebration of diversity. 2022's Pride @ the Village promises to be an even bigger success. 
Photo: Rep. Ben Diamond, Diversity Arts Founder John Gascot, Congressman Charlie Crist, Rep. Michele Rayner and Pinellas Park Vice Mayor Patti Reed kick off the inaugural Pride @ the Village with a symbolic ribbon cutting. 

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